About me

Carlos M. Otero (Carliños Meco), Vigo, 1969.

Member of Federación Española de Profesionales de la Fotografía y de la Imagen (FEPFI).
Member of Confederación Española de Fotografía (CEFOTO).
Member of Féderation Internationale d l'Art Photographique (FIAP).

Awarded Calificaciones FEPFI 2018 & 2019.

Works in Colección de Honor FEPFI.

My photographic career began in 1989, using a Praktica BC3 camera with Prakticar 50mm and Cosina 28-210 lenses. My works were mostly landscape, urban and costumbrismo photography, focusing on local traditions, as well as wedding reports, using colour film for paper copies and panchromatic for black and white prints.

Between 1994 and 2005 my pictures were taken using a Nikon N50 body camera with Nikkor 18-55 and Tamron 28-200 lenses. Most of my photographs were taken with colour slide film, leaving negative film exclusively for wedding reports upon request. The most common subjects in my work during that time were landscape and travel.

From 2005 onwards, all my photography has been done using digital equipment. Until 2012 the cameras I used (bridge type) were Panasonic Lumix and Sony Cybershot. From 2012 onwards, the camera bodies have been exclusively Nikon, APS-C type at the beginning (D5100) and subsequently full frame (D750). The subject matter is diverse: portrait, macrophotography, landscape and astrophotography. The means have expanded, with the addition of study equipment for portrait and macrophotography, as well as a telescope with auto-guided and computerized mount, plus the necessary complements for planetary and deep space photography.

My professional exhibitions :
Between July and September 2015: "Entre Tres", together with Abe Rábade and Ricardo de Barreiro, in O Grove (Pontevedra).
In October and November 2015: "Conversas", together with Abe Rábade, in Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña).
In July and August 2016: "Conversas", accompanied by Abe Rábade, in Vigo (Pontevedra).
In September and October 2016: "Instantes", in Cambrils (Tarragona).
From April until June 2017: "Nordés" exhibition, in Cambrils (Tarragona), for the re-opening of the Museu Marítim de la Torre del Port.